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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 2 November 2018

The One About Naughty Dog (Guest Speaker: Felix Park)Eric Mitchell

Howdy, partner! If you've got a break from playin' Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' an' Shootin' II, come check out what we had in store at the last Friday hoedown. That night, we featured a guest speaker from the folks at Naughty Dog - Felix Park, scripting and game designer for Uncharted 4's single and multiplayer modes! Click the "Read More" button over yonder to hear what this fella had to say 'bout the games industry!

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Patch Notes (Meeting Summary): 26 October 2018

The One About Lead ExpectationsEric Mitchell

Good morrow, chaps! At our latest gathering, we detailed what our prospective proposers for Pitch Night can expect if they are voted to become this year's game leads, which you may read about in this new blog post. I daresay, do proceed to this post by selecting the sapphiric link below, my good fellow.

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