11/29/17, Meeting - Game Scope
Looking for a way to model video games? MDA: A Formal Approach to Game Design and Game Research is for you!
Looking for someone to tell their game industry experience? Listen to the developers of Ratchet and Clank at uselesspodcasts!

Need a free place to store your code online? GitHub is perfect!
Being a skilled programmer is good, but teamwork is better.

FL Studio is one of the most widely used DAWs. It also has a free trial!
Manuals are always handy to have around. Here's FL Studio's manual and Logic Pro X's manual.
Reaper is a useful and powerful DAW that's available for free.
Want to try audio software? If you're at UCSC, you can access Reaper and Adobe Suite at the computer labs!
The Digital Scholarship Commons Labs also have more software available.
fmod is providing free, quality sound effects!
WWise is middleware that can be integrated in Unity and Unreal Engine!
Need to edit audio clips? Load them up in Audacity and modify them!
Looking for some tips and tricks on audio production? SeamlessR might teach you a thing or two!
Apple has an education bundle for software!

Here are some example resumes and advice from Tad Leckman!
You can find some business card advice from Marcelo Neto here!

Not sure what game development companies are in your area? GameDevMap has you covered!

Planning on going to GDC? Linda has some notes prepared!

Do you attend UCSC? Did you know you have a free, dedicated page for yourself to display your things?
Don't forget, you can use your student ID to log into the computer labs around campus and use their software for free!

IGDA The International Game Developer's Association is a great resource. We are the chapter for UC Santa Cruz.
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