About Us

Game Design and Art Collaboration (GDA) was founded in January, 2015, by a small group of UC Santa Cruz students. Our mission statement is to promote the collaborative work of artists, musicians, programmers, and game designers, with an emphasis on networking and skill-sharing. GDA currently runs as a mock game studio, producing at least one game each academic year. The members of GDA work together completely out of personal interest to learn what it takes to bring a game from concept to production.

Operated the 2016 and 2017 Global Game Jam at UC Santa Cruz

Organized trips to GDC 2017 and the first ever SGDA Summit


Nicole Maines PresidentDesign Lead
Kyle Oppenheim Vice-PresidentProgramming Lead
Fernando Zamora Sound Lead
Linda Nguyen Art Lead
Edmond Le Treasurer
Gian Paredes Outreach
Christopher Paz Outreach
Jonathan Alcantara Archiver