Bottom Gun

Bottom Gun is a top-down 2D bullet-hell shooter that delivers on the sexual tension permeating the 1986 film Top Gun.

Take to the skies and face off against foes in a Cold War inspired setting. If you run into a bind, call in one of your wingmen for a power up boost. When you get back to base, take some time to go on dates with your wingmen. Not only will you get to know you allies and find some lovein, but this new found passion will spur your teammates and increase their powers in the field.

It's a dangerous world out there baby, good thing we got each other.

How to Play

Bottom Gun can be downloaded as an .exe for Mac or Windows from the following link.

Recent Posts

Bottom Gun Dev-Blog #4

Edmond Le7 April 2017

As far as programming goes, Bottom Gun’s development is far from an alpha state, but our programmers have a plan; They have planned a whole day to solely work on Bottom Gun’s code, scripts and all. During the crunch, we will work on the player movement, health, scene transitions, and wingman power-ups and upgrades. Additionally, several designers will work with numerous programmers to efficiently get the game into an alpha state.

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Bottom Gun Dev-Blog #3

Edmond Le13 January 2017

This meeting, the team started a new sprint. We completed a working prototype of the scene management during the meeting. The game has a basic menu system that connects to the main game. The game scrolls properly, the player can shoot and move, the enemy planes can move, and the pause system is functional. We’re still working...

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Bottom Gun: Dev-Blog #2

Edmond Le12 February 2017

There was a lot finished in the last sprint! In order to have a diverse cast of wingmen, we divided their personalities into archetypes and named them as such. So far, we have Aegis, the protective wingman, Mongoose, the ‘bad-boy-with-an-attitude’, Bishop, the stoic, quiet type, and Pidgeon, the young, goofy novice. This week, the art team finished Mongoose and Pidgeon’s character designs with the other characters...

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