Bottom Gun: Dev-Blog #4

Edmond Le7 April 2017

As far as programming goes, Bottom Gun’s development is far from an alpha state, but our programmers have a plan; They have planned a whole day to solely work on Bottom Gun’s code, scripts and all. During the crunch, we will work on the player movement, health, scene transitions, and wingman power-ups and upgrades. Additionally, several designers will work with numerous programmers to efficiently get the game into an alpha state.

The ocean and space backgrounds are completed, and our artists are working hard to create two more backgrounds (Grass and snow). They are also working on drawing more enemies (helicopters, tanks, and fighter jets) and basic UI elements (a battery gauge and plane silhouette)!

The sound department has been doing a great job. So far, we have many sounds: Main menu music, feedback sounds (hit sounds, shooting sounds, etc), and boss music. They are currently working on the music that will play during dates.