Bottom Gun: Dev-Blog #1

Edmond Le13 January 2017

After a long winter break, the team has gotten back into developing Bottom Gun! We have decided to embrace two-week long ‘sprints’ where the art, sound, design, and programming departments will be assigned specific tasks to complete by the end of the two-week period.

The design department will stay one week ahead at all times in order to provide the other departments the necessary information to develop the game. This will allow the team as a whole to make incredible progress on the game as we have specifically assigned important tasks to each department with the overarching goal of streamlining Bottom Gun’s development.

Currently we have the artists working on basic concept art for the planes and wingmen. Meanwhile, the sound team will create Bottom Gun’s main theme and a few sounds.

The programmers will develop a playable prototype that contains a movable player ship that can fire bullets and take damage. The designers are preparing to create guides for the other departments, writing date dialogue, and designing enemy types.