Global Game Jam

How fast can you work in 48 hours? Global Game Jam is a worldwide event where anyone with any level of experience can enter for free!

GDA is organizing Global Game Jam at UC Santa Cruz, and we are working to make this the best one yet. In addition to DARC 308, we've reserved a side room (DARC 230) for teams to use. Having an extra room is helpful for growing attendance. Thanks to our supportive sponsors, we can provide food for participants with dietary restrictions. We've looked around Santa Cruz for vegan-friendly locations, and determined Charlie Hong Kong fit our needs best. For those with little to no game development experience, we'll be hosting a Unity workshop on the first day aimed at complete beginners. We'll also be providing prototyping craft materials if participants would like to make a physical model of their games, or make a board game. During these 48 hours, there will be two raffles for prizes.

Want to make a game? If so, we hope to see you at UCSC's Global Game Jam site!

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More info at UC Santa Cruz