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Past Events

Sixense Guest Speaker Event Sixense, a leading company in the VR/AR space, gave a great talk about the integration of game development techniques with VR to provide innovative solutions to problems in subjects such as medical recovery and job training.
If you want to hear about this or just learn a lot about the game development industry in general, be sure to watch the event linked below (note: the video is cut off in the beginning, but it still contains the whole talk)!

Link to speaker event!

Games @ UCSC Winter 2021 Playtest! The Games @ UCSC Winter playtest is here! With that, various student made games are available for playtesting, including CS:GD capstone projects as well as the games we've made here at GDA!

To go to their website and see all the games, click here!

Direct links to the pages for our GDA Games (Gremlin Garden and Sea Star Crossed Lovers) are below!

Gremlin Garden
Sea Star Crossed Lovers
1/29/21 - Global Game Jam How fast can you work in 48 hours? Global Game Jam is a worldwide event where anyone with any level of experience can enter for free!

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