2016-2017 Year Review

Daniel Chamberlin5 June 2017

This has been a very busy year for GDA. We were founded with just 10 members two years ago, and have now grown to over 300. GDA has completed 8 projects, with many of those being the first game the team ever created. GDA is made to be a learning experience for anyone who wants to make games and I firmly believe GDA will continue to be a welcoming environment for any future UCSC student.

Along with our three projects: COMA, Bottom Gun and Raiju. GDA has organized the 2017 Global Game Jam, sent a delegation of 20 members to the Game Developers Conference, and helped coordinate the first ever Student Game Developer's Alliance Summit. Running these events has been an immense learning experience for each of us in the club and we have established a system to continue these events for years to come, along with our traditional projects, workshops and guest lectures. Our goal is to make GDA an invaluable resource for all UCSC students interested in games.

Zane, myself and Allyssa are so grateful to have had the opportunity to run GDA and bring our ideas to the team. We're excited to see what the new team of Officers can brng to GDA next year since every generation can bring their own vision and goals. The games majors are constantly growing at UCSC an around the world. Organizations like GDA have a great opportunity to support those students.

From all of the officers, thank you to our members for giving so much to the club in time, effort and energy. I'll never forget my time as Design Lead and Vice-Preisdent. It will always shape the work I do.

Have a great summer! GDA will reconvene in the Fall so stay tuned on the site, Facebook and Discord for news when the new school year starts.