SGDA Summit 2017 Review

Daniel Chamberlin23 May 2017

The 1st Student Game Developer's Alliance Summit was a huge success! GDA sent 20 of its members to the Summit at Cal Poly Pomona and we had the opportunity to share our games, Out of Hand, Macrowave and Bottom Gun. We got some great feedback and were able to see great projects from all over California. We also featured our first workshop on Team Interaction and enjoyed some great talks from Programmers at Obsidian, Product Manager at Riot, Art Lead at Riot, and Audio Designer at thatgamecompany. It was a great experience to meet all of the event organizers and share in their experience.

This event was the first of its kind and we're excited to see where the Student Game Developer's Alliance will go from here! This may include expansion to more Northern California schools, and smaller events throughout the year. We'll keep everyone updated on how the SGDA grows from here on out!