Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):

The One About T-Shirt VotingRohan Venkatapuram

Hello everyone, we're officially two weeks into Spring quarter development! Not as cool as the first week back but hey it's still pretty great.

First on the agenda, officer announcements! Today is the last day you can apply to be an officer! If you are interested in taking more of a leading role in any of the following roles, let us know here!

Art Officer
Design Officer
Programming Officer
Sound Officer
Event Coordinator
Outreach Officer
Community Manager

Next big update, SlugCon! SlugCon is a UCSC event uniting SAMA (Slug Anime and Manga Association), Slug Gaming, and GDA for one big convention! If you are interested in being a guest speaker at this event, have artwork that you would be interested in showing off, or would just like to learn more about the event, click the link here to learn more.

The final big update, as the title implies, was t-shirt voting! T-shirt voting happened in the meeting! Best of luck to all the artists who submitted designs, they were all great!

So with the announcements out of the way, its time for progress updates!

- Goal is to get some form of sound effects made.

Gremlin Gardens
General (Spans multiple departments)
- Main goal is to get a lore appropriate tutorial in the game
- Finish up visual novel scenes for rivals (scoped down to one rival).

- Working on planning out a race in ProBuilder.
- Working on planning out the economy system (how money works, how players get money, etc.)
- Discussing difficulty mechanics

- Submissions for gremlin voice sounds are open!

- Working on gremlin movement in the hub world.
- General work on gremlin and food interaction
- Further development is being done on the shop
- More races are being worked on
- More game settings

- Goal is to get some animations and all of the models done before next build.
- UI plans are being discussed

Sea Star Crossed Lovers
General (Spans multiple departments)
- Implement other mechanics such as obstacles, asteroids, and clouds, interfering with the building
- Implementing a "hold" area to save a block for later.

- There is going to be a twitter account for the games to host fan art and other cool fan creations, as well as to make connections with audiences.
- Goal is to complete a full set of sprites and expressions for Noelani and Astra.
- Work is being done on still sprites for the Moon and Ocean
- Progress has been made on UI
- Working on finishing tetromino
- Working on the art for the base from which the blocks build from

- Goal is to complete the entire rough draft of the story by sprint 6 for playtesting

- Working on making a progress bar for how close you are to winning
- Goal is to have a formal tutorial before next playtest
- Plans to add volume settings and the ability to pause the game for next sprint

If you want more details, feel free to watch the meeting video here.