Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
8 November 2019

The One About Being a TeammateThomas Applewhite

I met an individual named Br*an. I use * instead of the vowel because I forgot to ask if it was Br*an with an I or Br*an with a y. Thankfully, everyone else at the meeting learned tons of stuff, either about being in a game team or being a game lead. There were also some cool announcements:

Pitch Night is next Friday! We'll be picking GDA's games for this year on the 15th, so if you want a hand in deciding what we'll all work on, come down. Pitches are really fun to see, and it's a great way to get hype out ideas you think are cool.

On that note, for you pitch folks your 4th and final draft is due Wednesday, November 13th. These will be the pitches you're actually pitching on Friday, so make sure everything is final. Also make sure to include an extra, final slide that includes a sentence that describes your whole game and an image that does the same. People will use these to remember what your pitch was after the fact.

There, that's everything. Well, I guess you'll be attending the 8 o'clock baseball throwing practice because I'll see you all at pitch night!