Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
8 January 2021

The One About The First SprintRohan Venkatapuram

Hello everyone, I hope y'all have had a great break. To start off our Winter quarter, we had a pretty cool meeting sorry not sorry.

First off, the CMPM 170 Recruitment Fair! If you want to get some team work experience developing a game on a year long project, try applying for one of the games on the Recruitment Fair Website. If you do want to apply please keep in mind that spots are filling up and some games are already full.

Secondly, the Global Game Jam, the world's largest game creation event! In the GGJ, teams of developers work together in a 48 hour sprint to develop games. If that sounds like fun to you, learn more about it on their website.

After introducing those two, we welcomed our new officers! Stevie Rodriguez (they/them) is our new writing officer and will be working with our president and current writing officer Jeven to manage that department. Along with them, we have two new webmasters! Ryoma Marta-Sugawara (he/they) and I (he/him) will be running the blog as well as making cool new renovations to the site. Stay tuned for those!

After those introductions, we had some more introductions! This time, some reintroductions of the games we'll be working on this year to get everyone on track. Those games being Sea Star Crossed Lovers and Gremlin Gardens!

Sea Star Crossed Lovers is a story of a sea nymph who fall in love with a fallen star, and once that star returns to space the nymph uses the power of god and anime tetris to enter space to see her lover once more. Along the way she meets more celestial bodies and learns more about what love is.

In Gremlin Gardens you raise and care for little gremlin creatures, training them to tackle races against other gremlins so that you can win big money (like any good parent).

After the refreshers on the games, the team split up by department to discuss tasks for the upcoming sprint. While we have already written down goals and ideas for the sprint prior, in this meeting we took those goals and broke them down into more concrete tasks to be posted and assigned on our Trello boards for the games.

Thats all for now folks! The video of the meeting is here if you want to watch.