Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):

The One About A Bunch of Stuff!Rohan Venkatapuram

This general meeting covered a lot of important topics, including new officers, the club presidential election, SlugCon, the GDA Census form, and our merch!

First off, the new officers! These notes will have a quick list, but I recommend watching their full introductions here! Cameron Beattie (he/him) and Nik Thomas (he/him) will be your new Design Officers! Tyler Knowlton (he/him) and Joshua Augenstein (he/him) will be your new Programming Officers! Bailey Victorio (they/them, he/him) will be your new Event Coordinator! Parmpreet Gill (he/him) and Autumn Moulios (she/her) will be your new Sound Officers! Annie Zhang (she/her) will be your new Art Officer! Zoey Laytart (she/her) and Ryoma Marta-Sugawara (he/him, they/them), transitioning from his current role as Co-Webmaster, will be your new Production Officers!

Next up, the election! A new school year on the horizon means a GDA president must be chosen! Our candidates for president are Andrew Dunne, our current Vice President and one of our current Art Officers! The other candidate is Eric Long, our current Production Officer, Outreach Officer, and Event Coordinator! Their speeches can be found in the meeting linked at the bottom of these notes, but if you want to skip ahead Andrew's speech can be found here and Eric's can be found here. However, that's not the only election that's happening! There's also the Vice President! Our candidates are Andrew Dunne once again as well as Ryoma Marta-Sugawara, one of our current Webmasters and one of next year's Production Officers! Ryoma's speech can be found linked here! Once you've listened to the speeches and decided your choices, click here to vote!

SlugCon is also happening! SlugCon is a large convention combining SAMA (Slug Anime and Manga Association), Slug Gaming, us over here at GDA, and more! If you're interested click here! SlugCon will run on Saturday, May 14th from 1pm to 7pm. GDA will have a panel demoing our games at 3:15pm, so come by if that's something you want to see. Speaking of demoing, our games are up! Y'all did some great work on these games, so make sure to play them! The link for Gremlin Gardens here and the link for Sea Star Crossed Lovers is here!

Next, the GDA Census Form is out! This form will be used to give credit for the games and as a result is (kinda) mandatory! Click here to fill it out!

The final big update is that our merch is out! Because all the designs were so great this year, all artists designs (as well as some older designs) are available! Click here to take a look! GDA sells merch at 0% markup, meaning we don't profit off of merch sales.

That's all for this meeting's big news, see you next week!

If you want more details, feel free to watch the meeting video here.