Meeting Summary: 7 April 2017

Edmond Le7 April 2017

Welcome to the new quarter! Starting off strong we have a couple announcements.

Jim Whitehead has invited GDA to participate in the Sammy awards. There, we can showcase our game projects; There may potentially be people from the game industry in attendance too!

Optional weekly department meetings (Art, sound, writing, programming, design, etc) will still be available this quarter. Here, we will work with the game leads and next year’s officers to keep the current game projects of Raiju and Bottom Gun on track. Additionally, Kyle has suggested changing these meetings into online meetings, so club members can keep up and contribute to the conversation.

GDA T-shirts are a possibility! We are looking for T-shirt designs for each game project and one for GDA in general. If you’re interested, submit a design to Daniel! We need these designs submitted by week four of the quarter so we can collect funds and order the shirts.

At the end of the quarter, GDA will be hosting an end-of-the-year party! There will be games and a moderate (one single muffin’s worth) amount of food. Some school faculty will also be in attendance. The location is still being determined, but we are looking to host it in DARC 308. Daniel will say a heartfelt speech, so make sure you’re there!

Due to huge events like GDC, last quarter’s development time for the game projects has slowed to a crawl. This quarter, we hope to exclusively focus on Raiju and Bottom Gun. The goal is to start strong and handle any communication or organizational issues that arise quickly before everyone becomes busy. Let’s finish the projects! Stay strong, GDA!