Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
6 November 2020

The One About Conflict ResolutionThomas Applewhite

Hey there everybody! To decompress from last week's long meeting (and to keep things chill during midterm season), this meeting was shorter and more laid-back than normal. GDA Treasurer Justin walked through some conflict resolution and feedback exercises to make working together even smoother! Annoucenments are limited this week too.

Due to the aforementioned Midterms, the Rainbow Jam has been postponed. Tune in for when that might be happening again, 'cause it might be soon!

Pitch Night is in two weeks on November 20th. For those of you pitching you should have your third versions in by this point. For those of you not pitching... uh... hang 10? Sure.

That's all for this week. Have a fun and safe Veteran's Day!