Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
6 March 2020

The One About Playtest TwoThomas Applewhite

Woohoo! We've made it to playtest two! Both Buds and Elevator Pitch have got all their shiny, new-fangled features and content done! We won't be doing much more development for the rest of the quarter, but we do have some important things to mention before we take a gigantic dose of Chillpylidin(TM):

At time of writing, it has not been decided if we'll be having a union mandated break. What we do know is that next week's general meeting will be a post-mortem/retrospective on this sprint, and not much actual development. Department Meetings may also be taking a break for this upcoming week, so make sure to check in with your respective department officer for more information.

The Art Folx have tabulated and tabletated the submitted T-Shirt design,s and the people have voted and made their decision! Make sure to check out the announcement on the general Discord to see the shirt designs for this year.

And that was it! Literally, that's all! I'm going to go tie myself to a king-size mattress and blast Iron Maiden into my ears for the next two weeks. See y'all in Spring!