Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
March 6th, 2021


Hey everyone! We're back at it again with another newsletter and some exciting news!

We've finally made it through Winter quarter all in one piece-- and our second sprint has come to a close! This means that we've got some HOT NEW BUILDS for you to PLAYTEST! In partnership with the AGPM 170 Series, we're hosting both Sea Star Crossed Lovers and Gremlin Gardens builds online for you to playtest in your browser-- no download necessary!

To playtest Gremlin Gardens, click here.
To playtest Sea Star Crossed Lovers, click here.

They're short and sweet prototypes, so send 'em to your friends, send 'em to your family! We need as much playtest data as we can get.

Secondly, this week's general meeting will be dedicated to hosting an alumni panel featuring previous members and officers, Georgio Kiloronomos (Pixelberry), Gigi Batchel (East Side Games), Liam Dugard (Sledgehammer Games), and Tino Abate (Jam City)! They'll be talking about their industry pathways and answering your questions, so if you're interested, be sure to show up at 6pm PST on Friday! (Link in the Discord!)

And lastly, last week in Art, we had former AGPM professor Marcelo D. Viana Neto answer student questions and speak about his experience within the games industry! It's an inspiring talk and if you're interested, you can watch the recording here. (The bulk of the talk starts at 6:00 and ends at 1:00:00.)

Oh, and if you're still not convinced about playtesting, just take a look at these AWESOME screenshots:

Oooooh…. you wanna playtest….. Ooooooh…. you can't resist…. Oooooooooooh…. Must…… click… the… link…