Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
6 December 2019

The One About ExpectationsThomas Applewhite

Just kidding! It's meeting notes! Ha! Got 'em!

When you get started with the games this year, you might have some great dreams and wonderful ideas. However, these grand ideas tend to make some equally grand expectations. As we start development, remember that all games, GDA games especially, start somewhere. Things will start small, and that's ok! You'll be alright, and the games will be great!

Departments split into themselves to set out goals for development this year. You can take a look at this document which contains general details on these goals. For department-specific goals, you can find department specific docunents in the respective department discords.

Well that's eveything for the rest of the year. I'm not a fan of waiting so I'm just going to close my eyes and....