Meeting Summary: 6 April 2018

Jon Alcantara6 April 2018

Welcome back for Spring Quarter!
- Officer interviews are starting next week. Also, no one applied to be a Sound Lead--if you are interested, talk to Fernando!
- As a reminder, SGDA is happening on April 27th--the deadline for the showcase is on the 14th.
- The 170 game series opening up for external collaboration again; if you have experience in creating game trailers, you are encouraged to apply!
- Linda got in contact with Sixense, and they're willing to provide feedback for portfolios! To join in, Link your portfolio in a link provided in the club Discord.
- Lastly, our guest, Jimmy, mentioned that several game companies may be interested in traveling to UCSC to give a talk.

Notes for this week's meeting can be found here.
The discord link for GDA can be found here.