Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
February 5th, 2021

The One About The First CycleRohan Venkatapuram

The first cycle is over! During this first cycle, the club has made a lot of progress on the two games we've been working on, and this meeting was dedicated to showing off the progress as well as dedicating time for testing and feedback (relevant links at the bottom). So without further ado, here are all the big progress updates (for more specifics and visuals, please watch the meeting video)

Gremlin Gardens
- Finalized design for the gremlins!
- Finalized design for playable character!
- While visuals for the style guide are still in the works, a consensus has been reached on the general themes for the 2D and 3D sections of the game!

- Prototypes for the race track and hub world have been made!
- The difficulty system and the stat system of the game have been designed!
- Interactions between the player and the gremlins have also been decided!

- A modular track system has been made allow for easy creation of tracks!
- The quick time event system for the game has been developed!
- Worked with design to make the prototype race and prototype hub world!
- Made classes for the Food system and the gremlins!
- Added the ability to pick gremlins up and down!

- Concept tracks for the racing sections and the hub world have been made!
- Various sound effects have been made! (which sounds will be in the final game needs to be finalized)

- Finished writing style guide!

Sea Star Crossed Lovers
- Designs for the two main characters (Noelani and Astra) have been finalized!
- Style guides for the game have also been finished!

- Prototype for the block tower has been made!
- The UI has been designed for the tower building section and the visual novel sections!
- The ways the blocks are chosen, placed, and impacted by the waves have been finalized!

- Created Tetris-esque block system with each big block being made of mini "blocklets"!
- Implemented the block placing mechanism!
- Implemented particle wave system used for wave-block collisions!
- Worked with design on making playable block tower prototype!

- A concept track for the space areas as well as a potential concept track for the visual novel have been made!

- Finished analyzing the poem that was the inspiration for this game (the moon asks a question) to help flesh out the characters!
- Finished writing style guide!

We would love your feedback on the stuff we have made, and have attached some forms below.

Feedback on Gremlin Gardens General Design (links to design docs are in the form)

Feedback on Sea Star Crossed Lovers General Design (links to design docs are in the form)

Playable Prototype for Sea Star Crossed Lovers
Feedback form for Prototype

Viewable Prototype for Gremlin Gardens Race
Feedback form for Prototype

Playable Prototype for Gremlin Gardens Hub World
Feedback form for Prototype

Feedback on Gremlin Gardens Writing Style Guide (link to style guide is in the form)

Feedback on Sea Star Crossed Lovers Writing Style Guide (link to style guide is in the form)

That concludes the recap of the most recent meeting. See ya next week!