Meeting Summary: 4 November 2016

Edmond Le6 November 2016

Today GDA is kicked off the design of its two year-long projects, Raiju, with lead designer Thomas Bryant, and Bottom Gun, with lead designer Ian Rapoport! Check out the GDA Facebook page to view more information about these two games. Anyone interested in helping create Raiju or Bottom Gun should contact the lead designers respectively.

Additionally, GDA is continuing work on a project from last year called COMA. Anyone truly passionate about designing COMA should contact Courtney, but the club’s efforts should be going towards Raiju or Bottom Gun.

In other news, Allyssa has asked GDA for recommendations on which game companies to contact to participate in a games related jobs fair. We received a fair share of feedback and if there is a company that you do not see listed here, feel free to add it in. We highly recommend adding some game companies you want to see at the jobs fair just in case they may be able to attend. You’ll be able to ask them questions and get some valuable feedback!

Every week, expect a meeting summary for the club, along with an individual dev-blog for each game project. See everyone next week!