Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
4 December 2020

The One About Planning DevelopmentJustin Hammer

Coming at you live! It’s week nine of Fall Quarter! Dead week approaches even though it still feels like March but cold. Cold March. Anyway, the meeting summary.

The first half of the meeting was a quick refresher on what both of our games for the year are, Gremlin Garden and Sea Star Crossed Lovers, and a quick Q&A to round it out. After a short break, we broke into departments to talk about timelines for both games using some fancy production spreadsheets from Eric, the Production Officer. We then closed out the meeting by sharing what each department discussed in their breakout sessions.

Additionally! As a small reminder we have a few forms we’d like everyone to fill out! The Photo/Video Consent Form helps us get recordings of our meetings out a lot faster so please fill that one out when you can! And it's the last call for the Officer Application Form (Closing Sunday at Midnight)! We’re looking for potential Writing Officers, Outreach Coordinators, and Webmasters, if you’re interested let us know!

That’s all for this week, next week we’re having some GDA alumni coming to impart their wisdom on the industry to us all. Come check it out if you’d like a breather from finals prep!