Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
31 May 2019

The One About The EndThomas Applewhite

The year's just about over, but Seeds of Love and Occultus Ocularus are way too excited for the UCSC Showcase for Games they can't help but slow down that beautiful polish process. Here's some important information of how we're cleaning things up this year.

GDA isn't actually having a meeting next week, but instead we're going to have a party! There's gonna be food, games, and fun time all around in the standard location on June 7th at 6pm. If you want to go, make sure to fill out the party form. If you'd like to help pay for food, you can Venmo Charles Miller. Both the form and Charles' Venmo are on the Discord.

The UCSC Showcase for Games (formerly known as the Sammy Showcase) is June 8th and 9th in the Digital Arts Research Center, and they're going to be featuring 50+ student games, including Seeds of Love and Occultus Ocularus! Games will be judged by industry professionals and awards will be given to the best! There's also a bunch of cool stuff on the 9th, like various game-related clubs bringing fun events! The setup for the Showcase is June 6th, and the Game Leads will let you know when and where assistance is needed. If you'd like to volunteer of the event in general, the form for that is on the Discord as well. Oh, and tell your friends about the Showcase too, there's gonna be tons of cool stuff!

That's everything. See you all in November!