Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
30 October 2020

The One About CATBOYSThomas Applewhite

Hey remember when I said these were weekly? SIKE I didn't get around to it last week. Oh, and I'm not kidding about the catboy thing. This week GDA took a deep dive into how different departments interact with game engines, particularly Unity. We all learned a lot, but don't worry if you missed it! Slides and Recordings of the meetings are available on the GDA Google Drive and GDA Youtube channel (you can find the youtube channel here), so feel free to take a look at it whenever.

For those of you pitching, good job on them all so far! We'll be working on getting you feedback in the coming week. Your next submission is due, as always, this upcoming Friday by Midnight. Oh, and just so it's on your timeline, Pitch Night is in three weeks on November 20th, the Friday before Thanksgiving. If you are pitching and know you can't make it, you MUST tell the officers as soon as possible!

This Saturday (that's right, today!) GDA is hosting a Minecraft Murder Mystery in collaboration with Crown College! Make sure to sign up here before the event starts at 6pm!

Next Saturday, November 7th, Community Night is being replaced with a day-long event. No, it's not a screening of AEW Full Gear, but rather a game-jam like event that has yet to be announced. Stay tuned for that!

Finally, the officers are planning our next general meeting to be a chiller one, since yesterday's meeting was just so much info, so don't sweat it if you need to take next week off.

That's all for this week. Happy Halloween, everyone!