Global Game Jam!

The Other One About The 2021 Global Game Jam (January 30th 2021)Rohan Venkatapuram

Global Game Jam is ON!

For those who don't know, Global Game Jam is the world's largest game creation event, taking place all across the world! Contestants work in teams for 48 hours to develop games together. The UC Santa Cruz Global Game Jam started yesterday and will be continuing until tomorrow afternoon. Below is the full schedule!

To learn more, click here to watch the video we created introducing the Game Jam. This video also serves as a general announcement video for the club this week, discussing things like community nights and the opportunity to be a department lead, so even if you're not taking part in Global Game Jam, be sure to watch! Along with that, there is the official Global Game Jam video, which introduced this year's Game Jam theme of "Lost and Found"!

Due to Global Game Jam there was no general club meeting this week, so that's all for now! See ya next week!