Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
26 October 2018

The One About Lead ExpectationsEric Mitchell

At our fourth general meeting, the officers split the convened members into two groups - those who were interested in pitching a game for Pitch Night, and those who were not interested. Art and Sound leads Gian, Muhammad, and Madeleine held a casual gaming space for the members who weren't interested while President Liam, Vice President Valentino, and myself held a presentation for the prospective pitchers about their responsibilities as leads if their respective games are elected.

In summary, game leads are expected to:

  • Attend every general GDA meeting: leads don't have to attend every meeting their team sets, but they should try to attend as many meetings as possible. Missing a meeting due to an emergency is understandable - as long as the rest of the team is informed. Additionally, leads cannot appoint another member of their team to replace them as a lead, nor can leads leave for an extended period of time without informing their team and the officers.
  • Be a creative director: leads should provide the overall vision for thier game, but should remember that their pitch may not be the final product. Leads should not be too attached to their initial idea, and should let their teammates flex their creative potential
  • Be a producer: leads should be making this game with their team for the enjoyment of making something together, not to solely produce a finished product. Leads should choose the work and documentation methods that best fit their respective teams, and be reasonable about their members' expected work loads.

And finally, their most important responsibility:

  • Delegate responsibilities: leads are not expected nor encouraged to create an entire game on their own. Leads can personally develop certain aspects of their game if they wish, but they should leave work for the other members of their team as well as communicate about and document everything they work on with their members. Leads should absolutely NOT make off-the-cuff decisions without consulting their team about the potential changes.

Remember, delegation takes time and trust. If someone you assign to a task is unfamiliar with how to work on it, please allow someone else on your team - or even yourself - to teach them how to complete it. It will help that member become more confident with future similar tasks, and provide an overall boon for the development process.

Even if your pitch isn't chosen on Pitch Night, don't be upset - you can keep your idea for next year or for future projects, and can even expand upon it to prepare for next year's Pitch Night. Just be a good sport towards those whose pitches are chosen - we're all in this together to have fun.

Before I sign off, a reminder that we will be hosting a speaker from Naughty Dog at this upcoming General Meeting. The talk will begin at 6:00pm Friday, though we are still figuring out where it will be held. Keep posted on our Discord and Facebook for updates.

Catch you all next week!