Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
25 October 2019

The One About FeedbackThomas Applewhite

Hey everyone! Did you know I can still update the website, even when the power is out? That's the one special talent I get. Nothing else. Anyways, this is what happened week:

If you're a current member of GDA, please fill out this survey. We'd appreciate to learn a bit more about you guys, and it'll assist us in planning things for next quarter. You can fill it out here.

We'll have feedback for pitches out really soon, so sit tight while we bask in the radience of your quality ideas by candlelight. For you pitch folks, once you get your feedback back, your second draft will be due Friday, November 1st. For non-pitch folks, thanks for coming around and playing video games!

That's it for this week. See you soon!