Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
24 January 2020

The One About Next WeekThomas Applewhite

Good heavens! There is a ton going on within the next seven days! Thankfully, as Elevator Pitch and Buds steam towards the first playtest, fourteen brave souls of immeasurable character and skills have risen up to help lead us all to great success. But, before I vaguely introduce them, what's going on next week?

GDA's 5th birthday is tomorrow, and we're celebrating! Join us in DARC 308 at 3pm for cookies, cake, and old GDA officers and alumni for an afternoon of hanging out. This casual event is great to meet new people and make new connections, both with current GDA members and employed alumni with jobs and experience. If there's other things you'd rather be doing on a Saturday afternoon, that's totally cool! Of course, we'd love to see y'all there!

Food? Check! Workshops? Check! Teams, made ready to order? Check! GDA is hosting the Global Game Jam for this year at UCSC. It's an excellent chance to meet new people, gain new skills, and make cool games! We've got food for any given dietary restriction you might have, and we'll be doing Unity workshops the day of. It's in DARC 308, starting at 5pm, on January 31st and will run until 5pm on February 2nd. Keep in mind our venue isn't open 24 hours, so you'll have to go home, but we'd love to have you! Sign up for the event site here and tell us you're coming directly here.

Oh, that reminds me. Because the Global Game Jam starts at 5pm on Friday and runs the whole time until Sunday, we won't be having a general meeting next week. Departments that meet on Fridays might also not be meeting, so check in with your relevant department officer.

Our first playtest meeting will be February 7th. If that sounds really soon to you, that's because it's in 14 days. It's called a sprint, after all. That meeting will be spent pulling the builds together and testing builds of both games. After that playtest, we might take a break as a club. We haven't decided, so we'll check in after that meeting.

We've also decided on our department leads for this sprint! There's, like, a bunch, so get to know the lead for your game and your department. They'll help with organizing your department and giving feedback on tasks. If you have any questions on how a task should be done for your game, ask them!

That's it for now. I hope to see you all at the Global Game Jam next week!