Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):

The One About Spring Week 4Rohan Venkatapuram

Today's general meeting covered some progress updates as well as a few announcements. First off, the Sixense guest speaker event! Sixense is a VR/AR app development company that develops medical tools and training apps that utilize VR. If you are interested in the growing field of Virtual Reality and what to learn more about some of its real world applications, make sure to join on next general meeting (4/30/21).

In other news, GDA is working on sending out a census form to get a feel on how our members are doing. This is different from the vibe checks and will be used to give credit to people for the games! So, make sure to keep your eyes out for that!

Also, as we are coming to the end of the cycle, there are some upcoming events and deadlines to keep in mind. By the end of week 5 we will have an "internal" playtest, meaning we update the website to feature builds of the games and we test them ourselves. By week 7 we will need to have a build ready for SlugCon.
Dates wise, this roughly translates to the following. By May 7th, we should have the basic information for our games on the website. For May 21st, we will need more complete information. Finally, for June 3rd the final prerecorded videos for the June showcase should be ready.

So with the announcements out of the way, its time for progress updates!


- Social media advertising campaign for both games is in progress. The social media accounts themselves are up.

- All sound effects have at least a first draft!
- Focus is switching to fleshing out concept tracks

Gremlin Gardens

General (Spans multiple departments)
- Lore appropriate tutorial is being rescoped (working with writing and programming)

- Pre-race and Post-race VN scenes with the rival are in progress

- List of animations and 3D animation guidelines are in the drive
- Almost all animations are assigned and in progress
- Progress on 3D Fruits is done!

- Greyboxing the race is in progress
- Spreadsheet for all the numbers in the game's economy has been made
- Working on tweaking the quick time events

- Moveability has been added to the gremlins
- Shop in progress (currency and item stock)

- Working on editing the gremlin voice clips

Sea Star Crossed Lovers

General (Spans multiple departments)
- Five obstacles have been created by Design, handed to Programming to implement at least 3
- Art is working with Programming to implement assets

- Rough story drafts are in progress
- The scene between levels 1 and 2 is in the rough drafting phase
- Expression list for Astra is now ready

- Continuing critique session for blocklet art
- Expressions for Noelani are finished!
- Base sprites are in progress

- Checkpoints have been figured out (still working on how to integrate into the visual novel)
- UI is done, passed over to programming for implementation

- Progress bar implemented!
- Game settings (specifically volume control) is in progress
- Hold area and queue have been implemented

If you want more details, feel free to watch the meeting video here.