Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
22 November 2019

The One About StructureThomas Applewhite

Hey everybody! Now that pitching's over, it's time to answer GDA's most pondered question: what now? Well, this meeting covers how development will be happening for the rest of the year. There's a lot of good info, take a look!

For all you schedule-y types, we've laid out a timeline for development for the upcoming quarter. Development is going to start at the beginning of Winter quarter, and that's when we'll start in-house playtesting. In Spring quarter, we'll begin public playtesting at events like SlugCon and SGDA. This year, we'll be introducing development breaks around mid-terms so you don't, you know, die. You can view the timeline here, and if you have any questions, ask an officer!

What exactly is a team? Well, it goes like this:
The Game Leads handle the creative vision of the game. While games have 'teams', nobody is tied to a team. Instead, game makers such as yourself will get tasks through the Quest Board system. Someone will post a task and the info needed to do it, and game makers like you! can grab a task and do it for that game.
Teams will eventually gain Production Staff and Game Department Leads, and they'll help with task work and any issues or question you have will working.
If you'd like to look into all the fun details of this organization, you can find a breakdown here. If this is a lot to digest and have questions, ask an officer!

Now, onto the games! If you haven't had a chance to get the low-down on these games, here you go!

Elevator Pitch is a series of 4-player co-op minigames about needing to get to the top of a building for an interview to become CEO after somebody hits all 100 buttons on the elevator. Whoever does the best in the minigames will become CEO! Elevator Pitch: We're Stuck in This Together!

Buds is about making friends while dealing with grief through healthy rememberance and botany! People you meet give you flowers, and their health indicates how good of friends you are. Can you become friends with everyone in a healthy manner while coming to grips with the death of someone close to you and watering nice plants? Probably, big chill vibes come included.

Now that the pitch process is over, it's almost time to start development! Please fill out this team interest form so we can hit the ground running next quarter. Keep in mind, this ISN'T a team signup form. You can be interested in one game or one department or one pokemon type but then decide to do the other game or another department or water types at some other point! We'll also have a section about the pitching process so you can voice your opinions on what we've been up to.

Oh, and there's no general meeting next week, and certain departments won't have meetings either. Happy “I'm not at school I can finally do all my school stuff with probably no deadlines” Half-Week!

That's everything for this week! Again, if you have any questions, ask an officer or a game lead. And remember: Roast your protein of chouce upside-down so the dark-meat juices can flow into the white areas and to get a good full-bodied sear. I've got to go start making dinner now, so I'll see you all in December!