Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
22 February 2019

The One About EventsThomas Applewhite

Today, the various departments of Occultus Ocularus and Seeds of Love met up for this week's cross-department meeting. Everyone's been doing great independently, but with the advice and assistance gained from other departments, both teams are ready to keep chugging towards the next playtest!

The deadline for team T-Shirt design submissions is approaching fast! T-Shirt designs are due next Friday, the 1st of March. Make sure to submit your designs to the official GDA email (

Slugcon, UCSC's premier anime convention hosted by Slug Anime and Manga Association, is interested in showing off characters and other art at the event. It's a bit down the line, so don't worry about drawing anything up yet. The teams might be doing playtests during the con as well, so keep the date open!

GDA's next playtest day is March 8th. With plenty of knowledge and new-found drive, the teams are almost ready to show off what they've made yet again. So come on down and try some games, bring a friend if you want!

April 5th, the first Friday of Spring Quarter, is LevelUp's Playtest Day. Santa Cruz's favorite classic game store is hosting a Game Dev Day on the 5th, and will be featuring playtests from both student and professional developers. It'll be a great chance to get a hands-on experience with local game-makers' newest projects.

GDA members will be road-tripping their way down to Pomona on May 24th for the Student Game Developer Alliance (SGDA) for their 2019 summit. Game design clubs and groups across So Cal's universities and colleges will come together for three days of talks, playtests, workshops, and more!

As a reminder, if you're trying to make it out to SGDA this year, make sure to ask around on the GDA discord and Facebook page so you can get a ride. Make sure to find a group quickly!

See you all next week!