Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
21 January 2021

The One About Sprint StartsThomas Applewhite

'Cause it's a fortnight. Get it? Ha.. ha.... no? Okay.

Anyways, with the end of Week 3, GDA's first development sprint has ended! Tasks have been wrapped up, tallied, reinvented, and assigned to everyone for the upcoming sprint. Things are going really swell, and both games are off to a great start! If you're looking for a task, check the Trello Boards (which can be found in the tasks channel of either game discords (which can be accessed in the links channel of the main discord!))

On the topic of sprints, now that Sprint 1 is over it's time to switch up Department Leads! Department Leads are club members attached to a certain department for a certain game to help guide the development and vision of that department's work for that game. If you are interested in being a Department Lead (or don't know what that means for your department at all), ask your corresponding Department Officer!

Finally, Global Game Jam is January 29th to January 31st (that's next weekend!) and GDA is once again hosting a virtual Jam site of UCSC! GGJ is a 48 hour jam where people from all over the world come together to make video games within only two days, sleep schedules be damned (but seriously don't overexert yourself during these things)! If you want to learn more, you can check out Global Game Jam here, and if you want to participate, you can sign up at this link here.

Oh, and as a consequence of Global Game Jam, there will be no General Meeting next Friday, January 29th.

Alright, that's it for this week! This blog post concludes my two-year tenure as GDA's Webmaster, as Rymoa and Rohan are going to dump the vat that contains my brain into the San Lorenzo so that it might return to the ocean where it belongs (and from where I can more properly be Programming Officer). Thanks for having me around everyone, I appreaciate you reading my garbage for all this time.

Rohan and Ryoma will see you next week. Take care!