Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
20 November 2020

The One About Pitch NightThomas Applewhite

Pitch Night has come and gone, so let me cut to the chase!

This year's games are Gremlin Garden and Sea Star Crossed Lovers! Congradulations to the selected games and thank you so much to everyone who pitched. All of the games were amazing and we're all excited to get started in Winter! More information on these titles will come out Week 9.

Now that pitches have been selected, GDA's going to enter the “uuuuuuuuhhhhhh” phase of the year. Development won't really start until January, so people have time for Thanksgiving/Finals/Winter Break, but we're probably still going to meet a couple of times. We'll fill you in on what that means for Week 9 and 10, but for next week...

GDA will not have a General Meeting on Friday, November 27, to accomadate for Thanksgiving break. In addition, Art and Writing will not be meeting, and Sound and Design will be having very casual meetings. At time of writing, Production and Programming will meet as normal.

Oh, and this is super ahead of time, but GDA doesn't meet during finals. Like, at all.

Finally, GDA has called for yet another v i b e c h e c k, this time about the pitching process. There's, like, three forms, so check on the discord for them and fill them out when you can.

That's everything for this week. Enjoy your two-three extra days off!