Meeting Summary: 20 April 2018

Jon Alcantara20 April 2018

For tonight's meeting, the results for new officers have been revealed!
Liam Dugard will be the Design Lead!
Gian Paolo Paredes and Muhammad Al-Suwaidi will be Co-Art Leads!
Valentino Abate will be the Programming Lead!
Eric Mitchell will be the Archiver and Webmaster!
Currently, we have no one as a Sound Lead, though Fernando may have a lead.
The President, Vice-President, and Treasurer are to be decided.
Jimmy Zhou also gave a presentation on User Research for Games! Write-up is available in the notes.
T-shirts also came in and have been passed out to members.
Lastly, Pardis Moridia is looking for a Unity programmer consultant! Contact her at for more info!

Notes for this week's meeting can be found here.
The discord link for GDA can be found here.