Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
1 November 2019

The One About Spooky DaysThomas Applewhite

Happy November GDA folks! I put hot sauce on my peanut butter toast this morning because I read somewhere on the internet that it tasted good. Honestly, it wasn't bad, but I don't think Tabasco and PB are the best pair ever. Oh, there was a meeting too! Here's what's going's on's:

Day of the Devs is November 10th, which is next Sunday! This San Francisco indie game festival is jam packed with industry pros, amazing music, and even unreleased game demos from your faviorite developers (Psychonauts 2, anyone?). GDA would love to organize carpools to this awesomely free event... but we don't have enough drivers. If you'd be down to lend some seatbelts to the cause, let an officer know ASAP so we get everyone a ride up there.

For those of you who are doing pitches, thanks for getting those second drafts in! We'll have your feedback out most likely by Sunday. The third drafts will by due next Friday, the 8th. Really make sure to iron out the details, you should start closing in on what your final pitch should be.

For those of you who simply are, Pitch Night is November 15th, which is next Friday. Please come by, because we'll be picking the games we're developing this year. If you want to have your voice heard in the game decision process, make sure to be there!

That's it for right now. I'll see you all next week!