Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
1 March 2019

The One About T-ShirtsThomas Applewhite

As various GDA clothing artists rush to use their newly allotted allowance of literally every color, both Seeds of Love and Occultus Ocularus begin the final preparations for next week's playtest. They're in the final stretch for this quarter, and can't wait to show off what they've been able to create!

SGDA is on the horizon! GDA is only taking 15 people to Pomona, and those slots are open on a first-come, first-serve basis. Make sure to look out for the form, coming soon!

Seeds of Love and Occultus Ocularus are having their second Inter-Team playtest next Friday, March 8th! Feel free to bring whoever you want down to the Crown Classrooms to test, and talk to the developers about the progress of the games. Former GDA leads will be there too, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

GDA T-Shirt designs are due tomorrow, March 3rd. Make sure to email your design to before the end of the weekend if you want your design to be considered. Game Leads will send out surveys about shirt sizes later this month.

See you at the playtest!