Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
1 February 2019

The One About Playtesting and SurveysEric Mitchell

This week, the Occultus Ocularus and Seeds of Love teams have snapped back to work hot off of their successes at last week's Global Game Jam. If you attend UCSC and happened to attend this years GGJ, please fill out our post-GGJ survey (hosted on our Facebook and Discord) and let us know if you've enjoyed it! This is also important for the UCSC colleges to see how many of their students attended GGJ, which will help GDA with financing in the future, so please fill out the survey if you attended, it will aid us immensely!

Speaking of survey forms, we've released a survey for GDA members interested in helping support the current officers by assuming dedicated officer roles - Outreach, Event Coordinator, and Webmaster roles available! This survey can also be found on our Facebook and Discord.

But we're not done yet! The Game Developer's Conference (or GDC), an event where game designers host talks and discussions about the development processes of their games, is scheduled for March 18th-22nd in San Francisco. The passes prices start at $150, but the 22nd (Friday) is Student Day, where registered university students can attend for the reduced price of $80. Although GDA itself will not officially host an event, we plan to send out a survey for potential carpool drivers, and then a survey for all other interested attendees sometime later. These will also be posted on our Facebook and Discord.

Now that the bomb of surveys has been dropped, onto the fun stuff -

GDA's game teams are planning an inter-team playtest date next Friday, February 8th, during our General Meeting. This will allow the developers of each team to try what the other team has been working on for the past few months, and provide valuable future feedback. If you're on one of these teams and plan to help with the playtest day, be sure to bring enough devices for your game to be played!

Additionally, the Student Game Developer Alliance will be hosting their Summit soon in the Spring Quarter. SGDA's Summit has usually been held at Cal Poly Pomona's campus, and will allow student game designers from all over California to convene, give talks, and learn new stuff! More details on this event will be coming soon.

Finally, our game teams will soon be able to send the officers designs for their own t-shirts! More details will be sent out closer to the end of the quarter, but the absolute deadline to send in designs will be the end of Week 8 (Friday, March 1st).

That's all for now - until next week, gang!