Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
February 19th, 2021

The One About The Week 7 MeetingRohan Venkatapuram

New week, new progress update! However, before we get in to that there are some announcements to get into. First, Guest Speaker Events! There will be two upcoming guest speaker events happening on Week 9's Art Meeting with Marcelo Viana Neto and Week 10's General Meeting with graduated GDA alumnus who now work professionally in the industry! See you there!

Along with that, we announced our first big playtest! By Week 10, the club will need to have a playable build ready for each game as part of the Games @ UCSC Showcase so we will be hard at work for that for the upcoming weeks.

So with the announcements out of the way, it's time for the progress updates!

Gremlin Gardens
- Progress is being made on style guide
- Model for the gremlin has been made!
- New department lead!

- First playable race is almost ready!

Sea Star Crossed Lovers
- Voting is going on to determine the best leitmotif for the game (check the pinned messages in the Sound channel of the Sea Star Crossed Lovers Discord to vote! Non-sound members are welcome to vote!)

- The basic plot for the game has been written! New feedback forms for the writting style guide will be available soon

For those who missed the meeting and would like to see the whole thing, click here! That's all for this week folks. Let's have a great week 8!