Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
19 April 2019

The One About Check InsThomas Applewhite

How ya doin' everybody? Good? Good. Occultus Ocularus and Seeds of Love are doing great, and they're both steaming on ahead with new and exciting stuff! Now, for important news-y stuff

Signups for SGDA are now closed. If you're going, check the discord announcements to reserve your ticket on Eventbright.

Officer and Lead Applications are going to be closed on Wednesday the 24th by the end of the day. There are lots of open positions and they all are super cool and super enriching! I'd recommend you at least give it a try!

Slugcon, UCSC's premier anime convention, is on 28th of April. Both games will be there to play test and check out, in addition to all the weeby delights your heart desires.

That's everything for this week, see you in seven days!