Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
17 May 2019

The One About Changing of the GuardEric Mitchell

As the end of the school year quickly approaches, so too does the end of the leadership of our current officers. Our new officers are prepared to assume their duties, but two of them have volunteered to work beyond their current positions and become the face of GDA. Congratulations to Programming Co-Lead Valentino Abate and Writing Co-Lead Jeven McCoy for respectively being next year's GDA President and Vice-President!

For upcoming events, next week our respresentative members will showcase their hard work on Seeds of Love and Occultus Ocularus at SGDA. They will depart the UCSC campus promptly at 6:00PM Friday, May 24th, and will return late Sunday, May 26th.

Additionally, the UCSC Showcase for Games is planned for the weekend of June 8th thru 9th - Saturday and Sunday - and our game teams have their promotional banners prepared to send for printing. But before then, we will host our final General Meeting in the form of our annual End-of-Year Party! More details will be coming soon, but it will be a highly-informal meeting made for our members to unwind and socialize before the year ends.

As there is no meeting planned for next week due to SGDA, I will catch you all again the week before UCSC Showcase!