Meeting Summary: 17 February 2017

Edmond Le20 February 2017

The GDC trip is almost here! GDC Student Expo day will be on Friday, March 3rd and we will be purchasing our tickets on-site. Be sure to bring a valid student ID to be eligible for the Student Expo.

IMPORTANT: If you are riding in a van provided by GDA, you MUST attend the mandatory GDC trip planning meeting next Friday (2/24) at 7:30 PM. If you do not attend this meeting, you cannot ride in the vans to GDC! Please let Daniel know if you cannot make this meeting.

There will be many professional game developers at GDC so make sure you bring/update your resume, business cards, portfolio, and LinkedIn info. Make sure you dress in business casual! You do not have to dress in a suit and tie but dress accordingly to convey a professional and businesslike impression. A dress shirt, belt, and khaki pants would be considered business casual. Tuck in your shirt for extra brownie points.

Although GDC’s Student Expo is on Friday, March 3rd, GDA will still be hosting a meeting on that day. The meeting will still be in the same location (Crown Classrooms) and anyone is free to stop by to hang out and work on Raiju, Bottom Gun or COMA.

In other news, GDA’s lead officers are scheduling conversations with the potential leads for next year.