Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
17 April 2020

The One About Getting Back in TouchThomas Applewhite

Oh jeez! It's been a bit of a minute, sorry about that! I've been listening to Iron Maiden for the past 49 days, and I am heartbroken to announce they're not as good as everyone says they are. Thankfully, Buds and Elevator Pitch are moving forward quite well, given the circumstances. Here's some updates from the past two meetings.

The Student Game Developer Alliance Conference (aka SGDA) is in two weeks. GDA was not going to attend at first due to budget constraints, but now that the event's online, it's a great way to get extra feedback and present the games! If you want the games your working on to participate, reach out to the game and department leads!

The UCSC Showcase of Games is still happening, don't worry! It's also online, but GDA will still be participating like normal. This event will be the last 'supported' milestone for GDA, 'cause it's a phat gg once that's over. More info will be posted about when we get closer to June.

What's the deal with T-Shirts? Our Co-Art Officer Holly is still setting that up, but you'll be able to purchase GDA shirts for the 2019-2020 year in the coming weeks, so sit tight!

That's it for right now! I'm off to make some pizza, I'll see you all next week!