Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
15 January 2021

The One About The Second Meeting of the QuarterRyoma Marta-Sugawara

Howdy y’all! It me! Ryoma! The other Webmaster! Rohan and I will be alternating every other week. If you missed out on this week’s meeting, it’s no prob! Here’s our weekly recap to get you up to speed:

Firstly, we are now 1/16th of the way through production! If you’re interested in becoming a department lead, keep an eye out! We will be looking for department leads soon.

Secondly, the Design department is looking for more designers! If you want to learn some design skills or influence how Gremlin Gardens or Sea Star Crossed gets made, now’s your chance! Design meets every Wednesday at 3pm over Zoom. (The link can be found in our discord.)

And lastly, if you’re not already aware, we’ll be hosting the Global Game Jam on Friday, the 29th! (Disregard the date on the GGJ website.) We’ll send out an email with further details sometime this week.

Aaand that’s it! Art has also uploaded an informative presentation on the basics of 3d digital art with blender, which you can find here.