Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
15 February 2019

The One About New OfficersEric Mitchell

This week at GDA, the Seeds of Love and Occultus Ocularus dev teams are highly-motivated from last week's inter-team playtesting and are still hard at work improving on the feedback they've received. It's been smooth sailing so far, and there's no sign of letting up!

If you plan on submitting t-shirt designs for either of these teams, you are now allowed to use any colors you wish! The due date for the designs remain the same - Friday, March 1st. Please be sure to send your designs to us through the official GDA email (

Also, the current GDA officers have a special announcement - we have accepted two more members into officer positions for the remainder of this year! Jeven Zarate-McCoy will be our new Outreach Coordinator, and Thomas Applewhite will be our additional Webmaster. They'll assume their duties starting tomorrow. Congratulations Jeven and Thomas!

As a reminder, the surveys for GDC rides and participants are still active on the official GDA Discord and Facebook page. Be sure to sign up if you plan on attending.

Catch y'all later!