Meeting Summary: 13 January 2017

Edmond Le13 January 2017

Kicking off the winter quarter, we have a few announcements! Global Game Jam is next week! GDA has fully planned this event and it will start at 5 p.m. Friday (1/20) at DARC 308. Global Game Jam is an event where universities around the world spend 48 hours designing a game (physical or digital) based on a given topic. Due to this, there will be no general meeting next week. Global Game Jam sessions will last until midnight, in which students are prompted to go home until the next day. This will go on to Sunday until 5 p.m.

The next major event happening is Game Developers Conference (GDC)! GDA is planning on renting an army of vans in order to transport club members to GDC during the student expo day in around late February, early March. At the most, this will cost $7 for a round trip to San Francisco with parking included. This trip could potentially cost less if enough club members decide to go. The student expo pass itself will cost $80 and will not covered by GDA.

Next, the officers of GDA are hosting a meeting every Thursday at noon at the Crown Fireside lounge. Since most of the GDA officers will graduate by next year, they will be discussing how GDA should be run in the future and anyone attending can offer some input or suggestions. Applications will open sometime for GDA officer selection for next year. When applications are available, these should be completed by the end of the winter quarter. Anyone is free to apply. Any major and year can apply for an officer position. If you are considering an officer position, you must attend at least half of the remaining GDA meetings to show your dedication to the club.

GDA will soon host a professional photo day (or days) in order to take professional pictures for your LinkedIn accounts. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, GDA will also host a LinkedIn workshop to teach you how to create and maintain one. Stay tuned!

We are progressing well into the development of GDA’s three games: COMA, Raiju and Bottom Gun. As production gets further underway, there will be more optional meetings that members can attend to work on their respective game. Stay tuned on the Facebook group page for news about these supplementary meetings.

Lastly, if you are interested in further supporting GDA and showing the world that you love game design, consider buying a GDA club shirt. The shirts are currently in production, but stay tuned for more news!