Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
12 October 2018

The One About DepartmentsEric Mitchell

On our second meeting of this year, President Liam directed the members in attendance to the first department meetings: Design, helmed by Liam; Programming, lead by Vice President Valentino; Art, co-piloted by Treasurer Gian and Muhammad; and Sound, under Madeleine's supervision. Here, the department leads introduced themselves and got to better know their interested members. The departments meet over the course of each week as well, but their official times and locations have not been decided yet. If you know which department most interests you, you can vote for which times you would like to meet at these on our Discord server, under each respective department's channel.

Liam also announced the deadlines for GDA's Pitch Night, where our members can show off their game ideas, and the top two most popular ideas will be chosen as the game projects this year. Details and updates can be found on our Discord and our Facebook in the following weeks.

Additionally, former GDA Officers Daniel Chamberlin and Jarrett van den Bergh were in attendance at the meeting. Jarrett had some of the games he made available for playtesting at the meeting as well.

I'm also excited to announce that GDA now has SoundCloud and BandCamp links available on this site. Feel free to take a look!

Catch you all at next week's General Meeting!