Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):

The One About The Student Guest Speaker EventRohan Venkatapuram

Hey y'all, hope everyone had a good finals week (well, as good as it can get anyway)! Last week we had a guest speaker event where four GDA alumnus who currently work in the industry told us their stories as well as gave some great advice (as well as some club announcements).

The speakers were Georgio Klironomos (he/him), a Junior Technical Producer at Pixelberry Studios, Gigi Bachtel (they/them), an Assistant Producer at East Side Games, Liam Dugard (he/him), a QA Analyst at Sledgehammer Games, and Tino Abate (she/her), an Associate Software Engineer at Jam City!

In short, a group of great people recounted some great experiences and gave some great advice. I highly recommend watching the full video.

Along with that there were some club announcements! First, we're making t-shirts! Anyone interested in making a design should start work on making designs for Sea Star Crossed Lovers, Gremlin Gardens, and/or GDA in general. That being said, do not make fully fleshed out renders! Basic concept thumbnails are good, don't overwork yourself! Finally, the winter playtests are up! Click here to see and playtest a bunch of games made by students at UCSC, including the games we've made here at GDA!

That ends the meeting notes for last week's meeting. Have a great spring break everyone, you've earned it!