Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
February 12th, 2021

The One About The Week 6 MeetingRyoma Marta-Sugawara

Hey y’all! Hope you had a great week! As usual, here’s the run down on what happened at last Friday’s general meeting. (If you’d like to watch the meeting for yourself, you can view it by clicking here.)

Firstly, we covered the difference between Producers and Department Leads. Essentially: Producers help manage all the tasks people are given and make sure nobody’s overworking themselves. Department Leads, on the other hand, are an extension of the Game Leads. They ensure that their respective department is following the vision of the Game Leads’ ideas, kind of like a director!

Then, we covered the progress of our games.

Gremlin Gardens
- Concept art for food & UI are being worked on!

- Lots of design documents have been made!
- Gremlin prototypes are happening!

- Has more concept tracks!

Sea Star Crossed Lovers
Overall, we're on track to finish a level and a visual novel scene by the end of cycle 2!
- Rough concepts have been made for UI and levels!

- Has more concept tracks!
- Will be working on SFX once it has been talked over with writing!

- Block prototypes have been made in both Tabletop Simulator and Unity!

Aaand that’s it! We hope you have an excellent week 7, and we hope you’ll join us for next week’s general meeting! See ya!