Patch Notes (Meeting Summary):
11 December 2020

The One About AlumniThomas Applewhite

Hey there everyone! GDA's last meeting of 2020 featured a special Q&A panel from GDA alumni who are currently working in the industry, in one way or another. If you weren't able to attend, don't worry! A video recording of the general Q&A session from all of the panelists can be found on YouTube. Once again, special thanks to Allysa, Nicole, Daniel, and Fernando for coming by and doing this for us!

So, what's coming up? Well, nothing. GDA doesn't officially meet while school is not in session, so General Meetings won't be happening until Winer quarter starts up (next one should be January 8th). Additionally, Department Meetings will be rescheduled, like they are every quarter, to adjust to the shifting schedules of department members. I don't have a timeline for this, but expect them to not be happening for the first week of Winter.

Luckily for you social-types, GDA will still be hosting Community Nights every Saturday during Winter Break, so make sure to come down for movies and games and other whatnots!

That's it for this week! Good luck on your finals and have a safe break!