Meeting Summary: 10 March 2017

Edmond Le16 March 2017

GDC was a resounding success last week. A lot of GDA members attended, and we received tons of suggestions on how to improve it next year. We are always open to suggestions on how to better organize the next GDC event.

At GDC, Allyssa and Daniel were able to meet with fellow game development clubs across California, with the hope of starting a Student Game Developers Alliance (SGDA). There are plans to participate in a SGDA Summit on memorial day weekend in order to meet other like minded individuals, network, find out what works and what doesn’t in game design, and discover tips to better transition from a student to game developer.

The decisions for next year’s officers are being wrapped up! We will be announcing next year’s leads during the meeting and on the Facebook group. We are also planning on expanding GDA’s positions next year. These positions will provide the vital backbone of GDA and make the club run smoother.

In other news, we are planning on selling GDA T-shirts and shirts for each game: Coma, Raiju, Bottom Gun, and Red Creek! Anyone can contribute towards the T-shirts’ designs!

We will still be holding a meeting next week, but no one is obligated to attend; It is completely optional. The first meeting of spring quarter will be the first Friday after spring break (4/7). There’s two more weeks left in the quarter! Make sure to ace those finals!